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Galen Nuttall

Helping passionate professionals live the life they want

My Mission

is to add significant value

to my clients' lives by creating a clear path

to help them achieve their financial & personal goals

My Process

Looking for clarity around your financial options? Here's how we achieve it:

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1. Schedule a Call

We'll chat to see if we're a good fit and if it makes sense to continue our conversation and meet again.

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2. Discovery Call

We'll gain clarity on what's important to you and why. We then create a plan to set things in motion.


3. Financial Security Plan

You'll receive a plan designed specifically for you and your situation. We'll begin to align your actions and values with finance.

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4. Regular Review

A financial security plan is organic and should adapt to changes in your life. Regular reviews make sure we stay ahead of changes in the industry and keeping up with your busy lifestyle.

An investment account not rooted in a plan is written on the rain.

- Nick Murray

Medical Professionals

I’ve been fortunate to work on many cases involving individuals with a corporate structure – medical professional corporations in particular. I think of a financial security plan as a ship comprised of many moving components. The efficient use of a corporation can act like a sail that speeds the ship toward its destination, while a poorly-used one can act like an anchor.

The changing landscape of tax rules around corporations has received a lot of attention over the last few years. It’s critical to get advice from someone who’s up to date on tax-efficient options to grow money in a corporation as well as efficient ways of getting it out in order to have more in retirement.



“Galen has in-depth knowledge of corporate planning and helps us utilize tax-efficient strategies to get us to our goals faster. I can trust Galen to provide me with advice that will serve my family and our goals and be informed of changes and the best way to adapt to them."

Dr. Sina Sajed, MD

"I'm currently located in Vancouver, BC, and Galen is Ontario based. This was a non-issue and working together online turned out to be greatly to our advantage... He has taken the time to educate me and spend the time needed to ensure I am making good decisions. This was AFTER he first invested in me and what I am about."

Jennifer Pereira, Business Coach

"Galen has spent several hours teaching me about the financial world... He is great at explaining things and is great at creating visuals for visual learners. He has helped me think about my future financial goals and make realistic action plans to achieve them."

Erfan Vafaie, Entomologist

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Galen Nuttall - M.Ed, CFP

About Me

Hi, I’m Galen.

I live in beautiful Belleville Ontario with my wife, two children, and zany dog.

I work with Canadians all across this amazing country helping them understand their options when it comes to finances.

I love taking complex financial concepts and making them simple.

My favourite thing on earth to hear from my clients is: “I sleep better at night now that I understand what I’m doing with my finances and why.”

My life in numbers:

🌎 I’ve lived in 4 countries

📕 I have 3 passports

🗺️ I speak 3 languages (more like 2.5. My Persian is pretty choppy)

🚴 Completed 12 triathlons

🍁 Licensed in 5 provinces

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